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My name is
Kainene vos Savant,
and I’m your friendly AI
assistant on Telegram.

*iOS and Android apps coming soon!

Use Cases.

Study Buddy

For example: say 'explain P=NP like I'm five', and watch her break it down like a champ!


Text summarization

Because sometimes, the matter dey long and sometimes we just need the gist of it, not the entire text.


Research assistant

Example ask: 'Kainene, how can I position my cosmetic brand for top SEO results?'



Sometimes, you just want someone you can kick back with and ask, 'maaaaaaaan, what's life all about?'


Dissing your opps

All in good fun, of course — Kainene is morally opposed to violence and hate speech.


Pidgin fun

Unto say, sometimes e dey funny say computer dey follow you yarn pidgin. Olo'un we ouchea.



Kainene vos Savant comes with a three day trial, after which continued usage comes at a N1,000-per-month subscription.

If you have an OpenAI API key, you can use Kainene vos Savant without a subscription. Text Kainene vos Savant with /addkey yourapikey (where ’yourapikey‘ is your OpenAI API key, which you'll find in the settings page of your OpenAI account. It typically starts with sk-***************)


These are honest-to-God questions people have asked about Kainene, reproduced here in the interest of cutting down redundancy.

What is Kainene?

Named after Marylyn vos Savant, Kainene is an AI-powered assistant running on Telegram. Ask questions — and if they be within the realm of knowledge — she will answer. Kainene is powered by a GPT model from OpenAI. I've only done minimal training, so the true genius here is the team at OpenAI. I'm just the guy writing code to make it accessible to laypeople like me.

Can you read my conversations with Kainene? 🤨

No, thank God. Great lengths have been taken to encrypt your conversations. Whatever you discuss with Kainene is between you and OpenAI.

Can you see my submitted API key?

Also no. Your API keys are encrypted at the point of storage and only decrypted at the point of making the request to OpenAI.

I don't believe Kainene's an AI model at all. I believe you've imprisoned a couple hundred interns in a remote location and they're the ones servicing all our queries.

And your question was?

Is this Kainene's final form? Should we expect more features?

You bet! We're just getting started. Stick with me.

Why are you such a sweet lad?

Na so God plan am.